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Dear Parents,
Happy April! We are thinking SPRING at Superior and working on the last half of the year. I can't believe it came so quickly. We will continue to make our students our number one priority. Instilling in them 21st century skills to prepare them to be college and career ready is what we aim to do! You might ask, "What might my student need to succeed in college, career and life?" Well, students must not only be prepared for future education and work, but for their role in the world around them. Each one is equally important to ensuring and shaping a child's successful future. It is a team effort to help children become:
*     Informed about ready to respond to local, national and global issues
*     Knowledgeable in core academic subjects as well as more complex areas such as the environment,   finance, the economy, health
*     Able to participate safely, intelligently, productively and responsibly in the digital world 
Additionally, we know that being respectable individuals also equips our students for college, career and life. What does respect look like? Your children's daily interactions with adults and children alike will be more pleasant if he/she speaks and acts respectfully. Try these tips for helping your child learn about respect:
Respectful replies- Think about something you and your child disagree on such as video game time or screen time. Model having a respectful discussion about it. You might say that his/her brain and body are growing and he/she needs to run and play to stay healthy. Then, suggest a respectful response, such as, "I want to be healthy, but I love video games." Have your child brainstorm other situations where people have different opinions but still speak to each other with respect.
Every day acts- When you mow the lawn or clean up after the family pet, you can teach your child about respect for neighbors. Explain that keeping your neighborhood and school clean and neat makes it nice for everyone. Ask him/her to think of other respectful things neighbors should do.
Your partner in education,
-Mrs. Claudette Williamson, Principal
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